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Last year’s event!! Props to Gabi Wurtzel

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The campus spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, searching for shelter and avoiding the infection while keeping your eyes on the finish line. Make it to each checkpoint and get one step closer to survival.

For one night, drop everything. Drop your homework, your plans to go home, and that date you were (or weren’t) going on. Join the race or succumb to the chase. Sure to be one of the most frightening and invigorating nights on Towson’s campus.

Survive Towson is a race through campus, a race for survival, and a race for brains. You will try to make it to 6 checkpoints, as fast as you can, all while avoiding the attack of the undead…ZOMBIES. The survivors will be praised as a TU Survivor, and those who fall will join the zombie ranks to take down the rest.


  • REGISTRATION STARTS NOW!! In order to participate, you MUST register yourself and your team together. How? Just fill out the simple form below:
  • To add or remove members from your team after registration, simply email Chad at
  • Registration will also be available during tabling in the union twice a week (10/9: 1-3pm, 10/11: 1-3pm, 10/16: 1-3pm, 10/18: 1-3pm, 10/22: 12-2pm)


  • Does your organization want to sign up as a team? Your fraternity? Sorority? Or maybe just a group of your friends? Pick a team name and fill out the registration form. The team with the most survivors wins a prize!
  • Think you’ve got what it takes to take on campus yourself? Register individually on the same form. Prizes awarded to best player overall.


  • MANDATORY check-in starts at 6:00pm at The Beach. Look for the CAB table to sign your team in and get ready to race!
  • At check-in, each player will receive a map and two glowsticks. The green glowstick represents your life…if tagged you will hand over your life, and activate your thirst for brains, the red glowstick. GLOWSTICKS MUST BE WORN and VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES, or RISK DISQUALIFICATION.


  • Once you reach a checkpoint you are safe from zombie attacks until you have left the stations. Zombies may NOT “babysit” checkpoints. All campus shuttle stops are also considered safe zones and will protect runners as they catch their breath.


  • Awarded for:
  1. Overall Winner
  2. #1 Chaser
  3. Team with most survivors
  4. Best Costume

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